Past Crew Members

These are people who have been a part of the project in the past, and whose efforts have been vital to the continuation of the project.

Amy Fontaine – Volunteer, Humboldt State University

Amy is currently studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife Biology at Humboldt State University.  She has howled with wolves, swam with dolphins, and is very excited to study fishers this summer.  This is Amy’s first foray into field work, and she’s loving every moment.  In her free time, Amy plays Super Smash Bros. Melee with the boys.


Colin Beach – Scientific Aide, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

ColinColin grew up in Staffordshire, England. He joined the translocation in 2010 having previously worked with Sea Turtles in Costa Rica; Scarlet Macaws and Jaguars in Guatemala; Bats in Illinois; cavity nesting birds in Oregon and Sierra Nevada Red Fox in California.

Garik SadovyIntern, North Carolina State University 

Garik is a materials science engineering student at NC State University and teaches Lifestyle Design classes for the Honors Program. He was involved with the fisher project during the summer of 2010 as a research intern with Robert Swiers and doubled as a cook and general healthy-choices guru. Garik is currently in Indonesia studying environmental management enforcement strategies.


Julie Shaw – Field Technician, North Carolina State University / Chico State University
IMG_0122Julie grew up in redding CA and moved to Chico for college at Chico State in 2005. She finished her bachelors in 2010 in biology and went straight into a master’s program radio-tracking northern saw-whet owls. She is expected to graduate in the fall of 2013. she has field experience working with yellow-billed cuckoos, spotted owls, northern goshawks, has conducted reptile surveys, and works with bird banding for CSU outdoor classroom and the northern saw-whet owl fall migration program in Forest Ranch, CA at an ecological reserve. Julie used to run track and cross country for Chico State University and, in her free time, she runs and has completed two marathons and many more half marathons and other races.

Laura McMahon – Field Lead – Small Mammal Crew, Sierra Pacific Industries, 

IMG_6790Laura is a wildlife technician for Sierra Pacific. She earned a Wildlife BS in 2011 from Oregon State University, and she has worked a variety of field positions doing habitat assessments, small mammal trapping, California condor monitoring, and sea turtle conservation. She will be starting her MS degree at University of Idaho in the fall studying movement patterns of pygmy rabbits.


Mary TalleyIntern, North Carolina State University 

Matt Reno – Biologist, Sierra Pacific Industries

Matt Reno graduated from Humboldt State University in 2005 with a degree in Wildlife Management and has worked with fishers for 5 years.  Prior to working on the northern Sierra Nevada reintroduction project, Matt was involved with a study of home range and reproductive success of fishers on Sierra Pacific and Roseburg timberlands near the Hayfork and Castle Crags regions of California.  While working on the two projects he has had the opportunity to observe unique fisher behaviors and work with a variety of very talented and enthusiastic people.

May DixonIntern

Nicole Collins –  Scientific Aide, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Nicole CollinsNicole obtained an A.S. degree in Natural Resources from College of the Siskiyous. She worked with CA Fish and Wildlife for two seasons on the Ecosystem Biodiversity Monitoring project. She worked on the EKSA project as well. Nicole moved to the coast of Humboldt County  to pursue her education further.

 Tati Gettelman – Volunteer

Tatiana Gettelman graduated from the University of Idaho in 2009 with a degree in conservation biology and a minor in wildlife resources.  She has previously worked with Lewis’s woodpeckers, pygmy rabbits, American martens, small mammals in Arizona, and Greater sage-grouse.   Fishers are one of her favorite species, and she’s excited to volunteer for this project through the winter.



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