GPS and ARGOS Telemetry

ARGOS Collars

Argos collars are used on our adult male fishers.  These collars send signals to passing satellites, which in turn determine the location of the fisher and later relay it back to us (How ARGOS works).  These collars don’t require any active searching on our part, and are ideal to use on male fishers, who tend to move greater distances than our females.  ARGOS collars also have sensors which can collect others types of data.


GPS Collars

GPS collars collect data by locking on to multiple satellites, and then collecting and storing the locations on the collar. Once stored, points can be downloaded remotely by getting close to the animal.  These collars are very customizable. They can be programmed to take as many or few locations as desired, and are able to collect locations at any time.

We recently placed our first GPS collar on a male.  We haven’t got the chance to get out and download the data, but are excited to find out how the collars are going to perform.


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