Pekania pennanti

The recent meeting of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society has been interesting. One important conclusion that Roger and I have reached is that it really is time to start calling fishers by the genus Pekania based on work done by research from Koepfli et al 2008. The alternative would be to put wolverines into the genus “Martes”, but such transitions seem unlikey.

Sure, if you still call them Martes pennanti we’ll still know what you are talking about, but this way is more fun (and accurate). Okay, I”m not sure I’m willing to completely give up on fishers being a “Martes” species, but the genetic work is interesting and something we should give serious consideration to.


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Fisher Symposium at TWS

It’s that time again!  The annual meeting of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society is being held at Woodlake Hotel (formerly the Radisson) in Sacramento, CA from the 1st through the 3rd of February.

As a special bonus, there will also be West Coast Fisher Symposium from the 31st of January – 1st of February (brainchild of our own Scott Yaeger).  Link to the symposium flyer can be found here.  The format will break from the traditional “project update” and instead invited speakers have been asked to address key questions during a presentation and then join an audience/panel discussion.  This is a great opportunity to interact directly with the researchers (besides, we’ll all be there!).  We hope you can join us as we present and discuss varying conservation concerns relating to fishers!

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