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39 down and 1 to go (more fishers released today)!

We’re 3 years into the project, and we’ve nearly released all our fishers.  We attracted a good group, with several dozen participants to help us loose 4 of the final 5 animals to SPI’s Stirling tract in the Northern Seirras east of Chico on the 8th of December, 2011.  We have released 39 animals to date.  We were fortunate to receive a good bit of attention from the media; take a look!

Contra Costa Times

Chico Enterprise Record

San Francisco Chronicle

Chico 12 News

We were also very happy to have the woodshop class from Anderson High School in Anderson, CA come out to participate.  They were kind enough to use some of their time last fall to build cubbies onto 40 live-traps that we put into service late last year.  THANKS!

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