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The Class of 2013

Over the last few weeks we have been observing many of the females moving from their natal dens to maternal ones, and just as we had hoped, some have had kits in tow!

The first fisher kind enough to show her kits this year was 714C2, a year-3 translocate.  This wasn’t too surprising to us on the ground, as this female seemed to constantly move dens last spring.  We recorded photos of her bringing two kits down the natal den tree.

The next three animals to move were all year-2 translocates.  Two of these, 21FB6 and 18871, have denned all three years since their release and we have documented kits from them each year!  93B5A, the oldest of the females we are currently tracking, just turned 8 years old!  This is also the third year she has denned on the Stirling district, and the second we have captured her kits on camera.  All three of these fishers have had a minimum of 2 kits each.

The last fisher that we found had moved from her natal den was 209DD, one of the females who was born on Stirling!  Her kits are the first we’ve confirmed from a fisher native to this district!  It appears she has also had a minimum of 2 kits, however the second picture isn’t as clear as we would like.

We have a couple of females that are still using their natal dens.  The amount of time a fisher will remain in the natal den seems to vary wildly from individual to individual and year to year, so its hard to tell when they will make a move to another den.  As is to be expected, a couple of the females managed to move their kits into maternal dens without being detected by the remote cameras.  Hopefully during their next move we will get some pics of them.  Until then, enjoy some photos of the kits we’ve seen so far!

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