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Some of you out there may remember when we did blog style posts on the California  Department of Fish and Game (now Fish and Wildlife) website. During that period we called the section “Notes from the Field”. In late 2011 we decided that that an actual blog would be a better way of approaching updating folks about what we were doing, and in general I think that has worked out pretty well. Unfortunately, we then stopped posting regular updates to the departmental website and it quickly became dated. Recently, we decided to just get rid of the “Notes from the Field” (some of you have recently gone looking for it and found out  it doesn’t exist) section and use the departmental website  for holding and sharing documents, presentation, and other more formal information about the project.

We recently posted our 2011 annual report to the site and it can be found in the “Project  Updates” section or simply along the left hand side of the page under “Project Documents”.  You may ask yourself why we are just getting around to posting a 2011 report given that it’s already 2013. Well, the truth is we fell a little behind on this document and we only just finalized it a few weeks ago. In any case it is there now and hopefully it has some interesting and useful information about the project up until the end of 2011. We are currently hard at work on the 2012 annual report and we are committed to getting that finalized within the next month. At which time we’ll post it as well.

In the meantime keep coming to the blog for updates about the daily happenings in fisher land (our portion of it anyway).

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2 thoughts on “We Report

  1. Gail D Kazmer

    I had the rare privilege of seeing a Fisher in the wild in Yosemite National Park, late at night at the edge of a very dense woods. He bared his teeth at me, and he even postured a little like he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do…pounce or flee! He was beautiful!! I had no idea what I’d seen! I was so excited that I made my husband take me to the nearest ranger station the following weekend, so I could find out what this amazing creature was! We lived in Fresno at the time, the Gateway to Yosemite, as it’s called, so we went to the Prather station. Much to my shock and amazement, I walked into the station, expecting to draw pictures, and there was my Fisher, stuffed and larger than life, perched over the ranger’s head. “There”, I yelled, “right there…that’s him!” The ranger’s eyes were enormous. She was as excited as a kid at Christmas. She could not stop going on over the rarity of my experience. She had me show my sighting on a map, marked it, wrote it down in a book, and had me sign my name in another book with the date of my sighting.
    So, needless to say, I have been very interested in Northern Sierra Fishers ever since. Of course, we are avid mountain people to begin with, and I’ve been rescuing animals, both wild and domestic for over 30 years. So, you can imagine how exciting this was for me. I know how rare my sighting was, since I’ve been reminded by many, many other rangers and experts since. I consider myself very lucky and extremely blessed to have seen him, and I could describe him as vividly today as the day I saw him, he left such an indelible impression on me.

    • aaronfacka

      Thanks for sharing your fisher experience Gail. They are sort of mesmerizing creatures, aren’t they? I think most of us on this blog can share your feelings of excitement and fond memories from our too few encounters with them as well.

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