They Grow Up So Fast

A couple of days ago I attempted a walk-in on one of our females, 714C2.  Unfortunately, as with many walk-in attempts, she ran away when I got within about 40m of her.   I decided to check out a couple of trees where I thought she might have been at, and came upon a nice looking oak with a couple of obvious cavities in it.  I looked around and found a few scats, some feathers, and bits of hair; all good signs that this was possibly a den.  As I was listening on the receiver to see if she was still close by, I thought I heard the distinct “chuckle” vocalization of a fisher.  I turned off the receiver to get a better listen, but there was nothing but silence.  Again I turned on the receiver, and again I thought I heard the chuckle.  Then silence again.  Thinking I was just hearing things, I collected the scats, put up a camera and left.

Today I went back, and sure enough a kit emerged an hour after I set up the camera.  At this point in the year, the kits are getting to be pretty good size.  They should be out a fair amount with mom learning to hunt (if they haven’t already), and soon they will disperse and be on their own.  Interestingly, the scats I found in the area consisted almost entirely of fruit seeds (blackberries are ripe now, and there was a lot of them right around the den).   At first I found this a bit odd as most fisher scats are composed primarily of hair and bones, but possibly juvenile fishers supplement what meat they can get with berries if they are available.  Or maybe I just misidentified the scats.

One thing disappointing about the pictures was that we only got one kit on the camera.  This female had three kits when she moved her last den.  Perhaps this kit’s siblings were around but didn’t make an appearance (mom didn’t show up on camera either), or possibly the others have died, or even already dispersed.  Impossible to tell at this point, but the cameras are still out at the tree, so maybe we will get some more pictures in a few days.

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