We recently got confirmation of the first kits of 2012, as a couple of female fishers moved their dens!  Although we suspect that nine of the females we are tracking have denned and had kits, it’s nice to get some actual photos of them.

93B5A’s kit.

The first of the year belonged to female 93B5A, who was released in the fall of 2010.  This is exciting because even though she did appear to den last year, we never got any pictures of her kits.  The picture was taken only two weeks after we found her den, and as you can see the kit is pretty small.

The most recent picture of a kit came from fisher 20058, an animal that was released last fall.  This kit appears to be larger, which isn’t surprising as it was moved six weeks after we first suspected she had denned.  It is interesting to see how fast the kits are growing at this stage.

We only captured one kit on camera for each female, but it wouldn’t be at all surprising to learn that they have more.  Although the cameras we use are pretty good, fishers have a habit of getting around without triggering them.  In the case of 93B5A, she returned to the den tree shortly after moving one kit, but the camera didn’t detect her coming back down again.


20058’s kit, another view.

20058’s kit.

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  1. Jan J

    Awesome Aaron!

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