Den Update

As of today, we believe 9 of the female fishers which we are currently tracking have denned up.  These include all but one of the animals released in year two (5 of 6), and all but two from year three release (4 of 6).  During our trapping effort from last fall, we captured 5 juvenile females that were born on Stirling.  None of these appear to be denning yet, but this is not too surprising as they are all young (1 or 2 years old).

714C2 returning to den with prey.

It is still a little too early to say that there aren’t any more dens out there that we haven’t found.  Some of the fishers we are tracking are in remote areas, which we cannot get to as often as we would like.  Additionally, many times we get out and locate them, they are out foraging.

We are starting to get some more pictures back from the remote cameras we aimed at the dens.  Already we have documented males visiting many of the dens, females returning with prey items, and other species besides fishers at the dens.   Here are some recent pics:

Raccoon descending den tree of 21FB6.

Male at den tree of 182F4

21FB6 returning.

Natal den of 20058.



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