Fowl Weather

Yesterday was one of those days where it lightly rains all day.  The kind of day which shows you that every piece of “waterproof” gear you own is really only “water-resistant”, and one of the rare times that you wish you were doing office work.  These are also the kind of days which riding on a 4-wheeler for eight hours isn’t very fun.

Angry bird.

While I was out roaming around searching for fishers, I whizzed by something moving on the side of the road.  As with anything a little unusual, I stopped to take a look.  I glanced back to see a male grouse walking towards me.  He continued until he was about a foot from the ATV, and then proceeded to circle me.  Obviously I was on his turf.

After a half-dozen laps, he decided to jump up on the ATV with me.  Now a grouse isn’t a bird which one would think of as particularly fearsome, but I must say I jumped off pretty quickly when he climbed up.  He strutted around on top on the ATV for a couple of minutes, king of his new territory.

Looking to go for a drive.

However, shortly after I had been separated from the relative safety of the ATV, he decided it was time to jump down, chase after me, and attack my legs.  Fortunately for me, out maneuvering a grouse isn’t particularly difficult.  I ran around to the other side of the ATV, jumped back on, and got the heck out of there.

I don’t see many grouse around here.  They occasionally have surprised me by exploding from underneath my feet as I was walking through the forest.  It was cool to get a close look at one, however this was much closer than I needed to be!  I took a video of him circling around me, which you can watch HERE.

These are the kinds of things that happen which make a dreary day a little more enjoyable.



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One thought on “Fowl Weather

  1. dlclifford

    Classic! many people are getting a chuckle from your close encounter with the grouse. Cheers!

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