Snow Tracking

Last night a small storm dropped a few inches of snow in parts of the study area, and this morning I came across a fresh set of fisher tracks.  This winter’s mild weather hasn’t provided many good snow-tracking opportunities, so I decided to spend some time back-tracking this animal.

I really enjoy snow-tracking, as it allows you to see exactly what habitat an animal is using, how they are moving through the forest, and sometimes affords the opportunity to witness behaviors that are otherwise difficult to see (such as kill sites).  These tracks were in the area occupied by fisher 21392, a female born on Stirling and captured last October.  Though I am not able to confirm that the tracks belonged to her, they appeared to be heading down a drainage towards where I located her (via telemetry) today.

I thought I would share my GPS track-log from today.  In it I listed a few points along the way that were interesting to me.  The overall distance tracked was a little shy of two miles.  Not a huge distance by any means, but still very tiring because of the constant going in and out of drainages and the dense understory vegetation.


Track Pattern

Track Close-up

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One thought on “Snow Tracking

  1. Nice post Kevin. Some of my most rewarding days tracking fishers were in the snow. I’ve always been a little jealous of the folks that did/do a lot of it for their research like “The Beard”.

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