Hangin’ with the Beard

Yesterday saw Roger and I back in the field tracking female fishers near the Ishi Wilderness Area. The Ishi Wilderness area is a unique place near the northern end of our study area and lies just to the west of the Stirling District. Located along Mill and Deer creeks the Ishi wilderness is relatively low and dominated by Grey Pine (Pinus sabiniana) and other vegetation associated with the foothills.

View of Blackrock near the Ishi Wilderness

The Ishi Monument located near the Narrows

Our fishers were not quite into the Ishi wilderness but they were quite close. We found one female in Deer Creek just below (to the North of) Sugarloaf. It took us a few tries to get a reasonable location (triangulation) on her, but in the end we felt pretty confident in our estimation. The other female was just over the ridge near the Narrows in a small tributary of Mill Creek. Both females could be heard from the Ishi monument located in this area (see picture). This girl was a little harder to narrow down because her signal was bouncing all over the place. This is pretty common but is made worse by the rock faces and pinnacles that are found in this area.

Sign Post for the Narrows

Eventually, we did a reasonable job locating two females in a pretty cool area. Roger and I had some good discussion including the possibility that I may be suffering a psychological condition associated with getting a PhD. This seems pretty obvious since only a person with mental problem would get a Phd while working on fishers.


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