New juvenile fisher

Today we captured a new juvenile fisher near Hwy 32! This is the 5th juvenile female fisher captured this year (2011-2012), and the 9th total juvenile. She was collared with a VHF transmitter and we will begin tracking her as much as possible in the near future. This is exciting news because thus far 6 fishers have been documented to have died on our project. Capturing 9 juveniles that are independent of their mother’s and surviving indicates that at the least we have replaced those deaths with fishers born on the study site. This is one indication that the populations may be stable or even growing.

Currently we are tracking 24 animals with VHF transmitters and another 9 with Argos satellite (PTT) transmitters. Capturing, collaring and following many animals is important to improve our understanding of what habitat requirements they have and how that is influencing our incipient population.


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One thought on “New juvenile fisher

  1. syaeger

    That is exciting news! Got a photo of the lil gal to post?

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